“Het Laatste Nieuwe Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst te Brussel LNCHKB”

Tijd Culture, special edition, a project of Sven Augustijnen realised in collaboration with architect Jan Verheyden, organised by Etablissement d’en Face with the support Gallery Jan Mot, from the first of May, Labour day.

During the first week of May, together with “Art Brussels”, “Tijd Cultuur”, a project of Sven Augustijnen, will be widely spread. It concerns an extra free bilingual edition, totally dedicated to “Het Laatste Nieuwe Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst te Brussel (LNCHKB)”.

“Tijd Cultuur” is a journalistic fiction that deals with the final foundation of a new center of contemporary art in Brussels. The magazine illustrates an exclusive interview with the project developer Etienne Van Coillie by Patricia De Vuyst. Together with the article, the projects for the redesigning of the old printery from the French speaking socialist newspaper “Le peuple”, designed by the architect Jan Verheyden.

The project of Sven Augustijnen toys with the shape and the content of the New Socialism and questions the impossibility of the arrival of a new centre for contemporary art in Brussels, that is fit in with its private, political, cultural and urban situation. How often the matter was debated, Brussels still denies the existence of a centre for contemporary art. Through this satirical suggestion, the artist articulates a reality and a fiction; by using an existing journalistic model he questions the information and its role. The artistical problems that Sven Augustijnen creates, combine the social and imaginary space and cause confusion in the function and the destination of the transfer of information.

The videos “L’école des pickpockets” (2000), and “Le guide du parc” (2002) are such examples that swing between the documentary film and the artistical field.

Either it is a lesson from a professional pickpocket, or a guided visit to the Royal Parc where homosexuals meet each other, the artist makes the spectator vacillate in a narrative construction between reality and fiction.