FRIDAY 12.09.03 AT 8PM

13.09.03 – 11.10.03


Ronny Heiremans installed in Etablissement d’en face projects a presentation entitled, “Display (Model)”. This work entailed a wooden construction that covered the entire room space upon the ground floor, obliging visitors to walk through and within the piece. Floors, walls and ceilings of this construction were left open, so that the one stepped in between the lattice work of the unfinished surfaces, in what was a transparent space, containing, nonetheless desks, a conference table, chairs and a bookcase.

In the rear, a sort of opening was created, where a projection screen was hung on the wall. Video scenes showed men in yellow raingear, walking about a red-painted wooden esplanade, resting just next to the heavily churning foot of a waterfall. The title of this work, “The Cave of the Winds Trip” explains some of what one is seeing: a walk across a wooden platform that peers out from under the waterfalls at Niagara, USA.

Just like the yellow-clad men in the video, the visitors to Etablissement d’en face projects moved about in a new space, experiencing the area around them in an unusual physical and mental manner. “Display (Model)” was indeed an enriching way to interpret Etablissement as an exhibition area.

After the exhibition in Etablissement d’en face projects, the installation was relocated to the Netwerk Gallery in Aalst and Arts Centre STUK in Leuven. The expanded wooden constructions (both the exhibition material as well as the actual esplanade at the foot of the waterfall) serves to function in each case as a red line through the trilogy.