FRIDAY 08.04.05 AT 8PM

09.04.05 – 07.05.05


In most of the recent work of Erik Olofsen issues like urbanism, fragmentation, confusion, religion, complexity, system and logic play an Important role. For the presentation in etablissement d’en face, Olofsen is consequently working further on combining different elements and disciplines that work together and reinforce each other.

The installation consists of architectural elements, video work on a screen, video work on monitor and sound. Olofsen’s intention is to portray social changes or situations in an abstract manner. It shows a construction of disorganized surfaces, which can be interpreted as an abstract landscape, where an industrial robot stubbornly tries to fit-in certain shapes. At the same time things with a more intimate character are being projected; personal belongings, small plants sliding by, a lamp, some shells, some books… Olofsen is looking for a certain interference between these different elements, which in conjunction with each other, switch the mood or lead to a short moment of disintegration.

The total setup is of an associative character, it is an erratic construction that is constantly transforming and never seems to find a resting point. Some fragments sporadically form points of reference that lead to an overview. For a short moment everything makes sense. It seems, however, that in this process, deliberate deceptions have been brought into action. Everything falls apart again. Things don’t seem to have any connection.

The exhibition is supported by the Nederlands Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst, the Mondriaan Stichting.