FRIDAY 25.07.03 AT 8PM

26.07.03 – 01.08.03


This German duo lives in Brussels and studied at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. An offer to produce a work in the Etablissement d’en face projects basement was proposed after their May 2002 exhibition at the St. Lukas Gallery entitled, “Young Artists”.  It is with pure materials (a photograph and a bench) and through a simple, everyday context that their work brings together a particular place with a particular situation, illuminating a fragile moment upon the border of meanings.

“Entering the cellar of ‘etablissement d’en face’ it could happen to find the space in two completely different conditions: with or without light. An automatic control turns off the ceiling light every 4 minutes. The projection of a 4 minute, black and white videosequence onto the wall next to the entrance starts. A cameramovement, a single shot, is slowly scanning a panoramic view in a deserted landscape. As a runner is crossing the image for the second time a moment of unexpected presence evolves and the film stops almost suddenly some seconds later. The light turns on. A short while passes to get adapted to the new situation. The gaze previously focussed on the projection starts to reorganize itself in the space. A bench built of unpolished wood is standing on the floor which is covered with brown carpet. Somehow vacillating in its function – could it be used to sit on? – it is almost merging to a sculptural relation with the wooden ceiling construction. Far behind a brown curtain is covering the sight on what would eventually be behind. A black and white photograph on the wall shows a reproduction of another show-room. A carpet on a glossy floor is lying in front of the entrance door leading into the space. A lightening fixture with some spots attached illuminates an arrangement of white cubes on which not clearly recognisable objects are posed. All objects presented in the space if sculpture, fotografy or film stage on different levels the division and reunion of their proper modes of reception: a moving forward and backward and a filling in of the gaps resulting from this movement. As suddenly the light turns off.”

Doris Lasch and Ursula Ponn