01.04.2022 AT 7PM

02.04.2022 – 15.05.2022

‘Attention, les enfants’ (Careful, the Children) is the first solo exhibition in Belgium by Amelie von Wulffen (°1966 Breitenbrunn, lives in Berlin). The exhibition title refers to the sculptural ensemble on the ground floor, where seated at her writing table and absorbed in her thoughts, Johannes Vermeer’s mother writes this letter to her beloved one; “My Love, My General, I’m heavily worried about the future of NATO.” She is surrounded by her children, and with an arsenal of sweets at her feet to distract from her worries. Her study room is illuminated with paintings of a diverse and eclectic nature, including her portrait of course, furthermore a painted souvenir of the happy meeting of Amelie von Wulffen’s mother with Pope Benedict XVI. And the back a Bavarian landscape with an Aston Martin topped by a portrait of the soprano singer Dietrich Fischer-Diskau, and finally a small selection of insects out of a cabinet of curiosities.

In the basement, a number of paintings further elaborate on life in a family. In the large family portrait, the artist is seated at the front left, her head slightly turned aside. In the painting ‘Wer hätte das gedacht?’ (Who would have thought?) we see her parents at an advanced age in their living room. Her mother shows a double profile. It is said that her mother spoke unrestrainedly in her last years of life, because she suffered from dementia, including her memories of things no one would have thought. The painting ‘Schwestern im Schrank’ (Sisters in closet) shows a bridal closet with a portrait of a couple of young girls on each door, set in an idyllic architectural frame. All around an exhaustive range of magnum ice creams. A tree hugger and a mourner complete the family cycle.